If you have limited time and want fast, measurable results alongside specific guidance on exactly what areas of your accent you could improve upon then 1-2-1 coaching might be for you.

In these 45 minute sessions we look at your accent and what sounds need a little attention and we will draw up a scheme of work designed just for you!

Before the first session we will send you a piece of text to record along with some questions for you to record an answer to. During the first session we will run through a list of the top 5 areas for immediate work and we will give advice on how to approach these areas so that whether you have the time or budget for 1 or 10 classes you will leave that session with a plan!

Sessions are online only through Zoom and we can generally accommodate most time zones!

Accent Analysis Service

If you have been working on your accent for a while and feel that you are no longer making progress, we can help! Lots of people tell us that they want to keep working independently, but don't know what they're doing wrong. That's why we created this service.

We ask you to send us 2 recordings, which we use to create your personalised action plan which we send you via email, along with an accompanying audio explanation.

Click the link to find out more about this service, including pricing.